Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Miss Information is annoyed by Miss Information

Can that woman never learn to keep her fool mouth shut? Today Miss Information volunteered to perform a menial task to assist a co-worker with a major project and a looming deadline. Five minutes later she found herself stuck with the entire project which, by the way she is not qualified to do and for which she will not be compensated financially. She will, however do an abosolutely brilliant job--and get absolutely no credit.

She knows this because this exact same thing happened in exactly the same way last year at this time.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Miss Information is annoyed about Valentine's day

Miss Information is single (she's far too cranky for an actual relationship) but she's ok with it. She went to the gym and attended the "Step Class for Losers who Couldn't Get Dates". It was cool.

Anyway, her adorable nieces dropped by for a Valentine's day visit and brought a little gift. It was a muffin--which she was instructed to share with another person. So for Valentine's day Miss Information's only present was half a damn muffin.

Not to be petty, but could her sister not have ponied up the cash for two muffins, so Miss Information could have had a whole damn muffin?

That woman's present-giving ability has really started to deteriorate.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Miss Information life goes off track

Miss Information is a little off these days. It’s nothing she can actually put her finger on but it sort of feels like the rest of the world is on the up escalator and she’s going down. Everything is just slightly wrong somehow.

The following events have taken place:

The Shoe Incident
This is the condensed version. In short, Miss Information put on a pair of mismatched shoes but noticed before leaving the house, went back to her shoe closet and pulled out yet another mismatched pair which she then wore for hours without realizing that although they were the same basic style they didn’t look even remotely similar.

The Toast Incident
Miss Information put leftover spaghetti sauce on her flu-stricken mother’s toast. Well, it was in a marmalade jar. No, it didn’t look like marmalade, but it said it was marmalade.

The New Manager Incident
The branch has a new temporary manager who seems very nice. She did appear somewhat well, horrified, frankly, when she came upon Miss Information shouting at her computer. As if she’s never said, “I hate you, now die you monstrous infidel!” to an inanimate object.
For those of you keeping score at home, Miss Information has now appeared goofy, sarcastic, unbalanced and downright dangerous in each of her encounters with the new manager—who will someday return to her permanent job in another part of the city and ruin Miss Information’s career by telling everyone how weird she is.
Not that this is inaccurate…

The Shampoo Incident
Miss Information discovered last night that she has been washing her hair for the past several weeks with anti-bacterial shower gel. It was a gift and she swears the gifter said, “look I got you shampoo!” so Miss Information didn’t actually look at the bottle, she just took it home and dumped the contents on her head. Repeatedly. What an idiot.
Well, she’s consoling herself that soap is soap, but she wonders whether this could be responsible for the recent string of bad hair days she’s had. On the other hand, she is delighted that her hair is now gloriously bacteria-free. Hurrah!

(She would like to point out the charming contrast between this and the aforementioned Toast Incident when reading [and trusting] the label caused her some difficulty.)

The Typing Problem
Miss Information has recently lost the ability to a) spell and b) type. So even if her fingers are working, she’s spelling things wrong and even words she knows how to spell are coming out with tildes and asterisks in the middle of them.

At any rate, Miss Information is hoping this is just a temporary rift in the fabric of the universe and that everything will eventually make sense again. Until then she’s looking very carefully before she crosses any busy streets.

What Miss Information Thought about in Corpse Pose
This week in corpse pose, Miss Information concentrated on nirvana, specifically she tried to recall which Nirvana song she had heard earlier that day. It was “In Bloom” but she didn’t remember that until hours later, so she amused herself by singing “Come as You Are” in her head. She doesn’t think this behavior is contrary to any Yogic teaching. After all, Miss Information swears that she doesn’t have a gun.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Miss Information is annoyed by the impatient

Miss Information just got here. She's only been at the Reference desk for 40 minutes. Already she's been interrupted 4 times by people while she's actually talking to other customers. Just because you say "excuse me" before you interrupt, doesn't make this practice any less rude.

Just stand there quietly and wait your damn turn.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Miss Information is annoyed by students

Yes, ma'am, Miss Information can help you fill out an online college application for your son. She thinks perhaps your son should haul his sorry ass into the library and fill out his own application, but she's feeling a little cranky today and has momentarily lost touch with reality.