Saturday, October 27, 2007

Miss Information is annoyed by odours

Miss Information was trapped at the reference desk on Friday night because for some reason everyone who used to work at the library has gone...somewhere...

Well, they may come back some day. Miss Information is saving their chairs for them. About an hour into the evening shift, a guy came in and set up shop right across from the reference desk. He pulled out some magazines that he had brought with him and read until closing.

Not that there's anything wrong with any of that. The problem was that the man smelled like ass. Seriously. He smelled like he was past due for a diaper change. He was gag-worthy.

Miss Information tried to come up with a nice way to tell him to go away, but quickly realized that if she got close enough to actually speak with him she'd probably throw up.

On the way home, she had a sudden horrible realization. Miss Information was sitting between the branch head and the smelly guy all night. What if the branch head mistakenly assumed that Miss Information was the source of the odour? Neither of them mentioned it.

Just to clarify--Miss Information does not smell like ass.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Miss Information is annoyed by the crazy professor

Miss Information was afraid she had misjudged the crazy professor. Although the singing during class continued--I am Woman, on one memorable occasion--the prof seemed sort of sane for a couple of weeks.

In Thursday's class, the old craziness re-surfaced. She started out by explaining that the class had somehow been infiltrated by unregistered students, while this was ok with the prof, the administration wanted her to do something about it. Miss Information thought the whole thing was fairly unlikely. Surely anyone who didn't need this class for a credit would have run screaming from the room in week one. Miss Information knows this because although she does need the credit, the whole running, screaming thing was something she considered herself. If these gatecrashers actually do exist, they should just be grateful they didn't pay to be here.

In order to weed out the interlopers, the prof took attendence. She had a class list, nicely arranged in alphabetical order. A few people came in late and missed having their names called. Instead of doing what any normal person would do--ask the newcomers who they were and check off their names on the nicely arranged alphabetical list--the professor took attendence again, reading off 50 names for the benefit of the 3 people who had come in late. Miss Information is present. Still. Now let's move the fuck on, already.

They moved on. The syllabus has now been changed 3 times. The book originally scheduled for this week was unavailable and has been stricken from the reading list. The bookstore ran out of copies of the book that replaced the first book so many members of the class couldn't get it. By the way, the professor has an explanation for this. Those interfering trespassers who are attending the class illegally have snapped up all the existing copies of the book, because university students are notorious for buying books when they don't have to. Miss Information has another explanation. Until the first lecture, the prof was under the impression that there were going to be 15 students in the class. That the class size was 50 came as something of a surprise. It is within the realm of possibility that the prof only ordered 15 copies of the book.

Well, anyway. Instead of book one (permanently unavailable) and book two (limited availability) the prof decided to spend the week on poetry handouts which she would bring to class. Except she didn't have time to get that together. So, Thursday instead of discussing book one or book two (which some people in the class had actually purchased and read) the professor opted to lecture about book three, which no one had read, because it wasn't scheduled for discussion until mid November.

Miss Information is really starting to hate school.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Miss Information is annoyed by a disturbance

Work hasn’t been too annoying lately, but when a bad day includes a death threat, the bar is set pretty low. The card players have continued to cause trouble, but Miss Information has stayed out of it. Until yesterday, when one of her co-workers became concerned.

The co-worker was considering calling the police because the group was disruptive. Were they playing cards, again? Miss Information wanted to know. No. It seems that the kids have gotten the message about card playing. Card playing was not the problem. And exactly what was the problem that warranted police action? Her co-worker explained. Not only were they speaking loudly, the group was rearranging the furniture. The bastards. Miss Information has witnessed some tragic and heinous events in her day but nothing could prepare her for this horror. Oh, the humanity.

She suggested her co-worker wait and see if the new furniture arrangement works before making that 9-11 call. The kids might actually be on to something.