Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miss Information is annoyed by academic success

...maybe just baffled.

To recap, Miss Information understands only about 10% of what goes on at library school. For one thing they've stopped calling it library school. It is now Information School and she is getting a degree in information. Not to put too fine a point on it, but isn't all school informational on some level? In kindergarten, Miss Information learned that you shouldn't eat glue. This is great information.

Anyway, in Information School, she has found herself surrounded by people who use words like "epistemological" and quote Kant in normal conversation. She is clearly over her head here.

Recently she handed in a paper. She was supposed to read a couple of specific articles and write about their main points. This was not easy because one of the papers was written in Etruscan, a language Miss Information is unfamiliar with and the other was composed in one of those freaky secret codes that only identical twins understand. With no choice Miss Information wrote a paper that contained actual verbs. It was the only thing going for it. The paper was returned last week. She peeked at the grade, put the paper down stunned.

The person sitting next to her asked what was wrong, said she seemed upset.

Upset doesn't begin to cover it. The paper was covered with exclamation marks that weren't following words like "you moron" and "stop wasting our time" but instead words like "good point" and "yes". Miss Information had gotten an A.

So, the question is: does Miss Information actually know what she's doing? That can't be it.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Miss Information is annoyed by fellow students

It happened again. Miss Information was in hour 8 of her 9 hour day at school and it happened again.

It occurred in the middle of a fascinating discussion about the inevitable crisis that will result from the recent decline in the quality of adhesives used in spine labels. Not really. It was some dumbass discussion of some dumbass library issue though. One of Miss Information's fellow students had something to add.

She began: Well...when I'm a liberrian working in a liberry....

Miss Information was horrified. This woman along with numerous other people in the department, has managed to get through public school, high school, undergrad and is now half way through a graduate program without noticing that the word library has that pesky extra "r". It's her field of study, for pete's sake!

Miss Information learned how to pronounce library in kindergarten because her teachers used to make fun of the children who didn't say the word correctly. Yes. You heard that right. They also made fun of short kids and you can just imagine what they did to the stupider children. Miss Information went to a school that was so tough the teachers were the bullies. It explains a lot about her endless, paralysing fear of authority figures.

However, she, at least knows how to say "library".