Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by timing

Yesterday the library hosted a big meeting and Miss Information got to see her friends from the other library--you know, the one where two different security guards were beaten up by customers? Oh, the memories.

Miss Information took the opportunity to rave about her new branch--really nice customers, no problems at the computers, no fistfights, etc.

Later that night as they were putting on their coats to go home, one of her co-workers shared a story about his shift. He was working at the computer desk and one of the customers approached him as the library was closing. The patron asked for the names of the other people who had been in the computer centre. The library doesn't keep a record of that information, however. The customer said that was unfortunate because he had been headbutted by another computer user earlier and the police needed the information.

So, perhaps the nice library isn't quite as nice as Miss Information had suspected. On the other hand, though, the entire assault took place relatively peacefully. No one reported it to staff or security even though they were nearby.

Apparently the man called the police, but was too civilized to disturb the staff, so Miss Information was right. This is the best library ever.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Location, location, location

When Miss Information graduated, she decided she didn't want a nice boring job. She's rethinking that decision. The new job involves too much stuff, too much information, too many departments and too much coffee. She feels like she's juggling babies this week--cranky babies.

So, when she's at the desk for a public service stint, she just sits and twitches while trying to make sense of it all. None of it makes sense. Here's the thing she's been noticing this week--people don't ask questions in the right place.

The other day a woman asked Miss Information where the Sanford and Son Business Directory was kept. Miss Information directed the woman to the Business Department on the 5th floor.

Woman: Oh, I was just there. I couldn't find it.
Miss Information: Did you ask the reference staff in the department to help you find it?
Woman: No, why would I do that?

Um...because they might know where it is? Because they might be able to suggest an alternative? Because they were closest?

No, it makes perfect sense to come all the way down to the ground floor to ask someone who can't possibly help you.

And then there was this man:
Man: Where are the science textbooks?
Miss Information: They're kept on the 3rd floor.
Man: Do I have to go there?

Well, yes. Kind of. Miss Information doesn't want to tell you what to do because you're an adult, but if you want that book, you sort of have to go to the 3rd floor because it's there.

Miss Information has either had too much or too little coffee to cope with this.