Thursday, July 17, 2014

Miss Information goes to a couple of meetings. They're annoying.

The only time Miss Information wishes she had never become a librarian and instead toiled away in the clerical salt mines is when she's at a meeting.  Yesterday she had two meetings. They were annoying and far away at a different branch.

At the first meeting she raised some very legitimate concerns about a new policy but is so bad at expressing herself verbally, that she fears everyone else missed the point of what she was trying to say and has now just labelled her as a difficult employee who refuses to play nicely with others.

At the second meeting which was directly related to work that she, and only she, will carry out, she understood nothing that was said. She nodded and took notes but her head was spinning from meeting number 1 and everyone used big words that she didn't understand. She reassures herself that in the end this is still library work and the fact that she has no idea what she's doing may actually not cause too many problems. (This attitude served her well in graduate school, after all.)

Then she left. It was raining and as she walked to the subway entrance she realized that she'd left her sweater in the room for meeting 1. She raced back to the security desk because the meeting rooms are in staff areas that she doesn't have access to.

She explains that she was in a meeting in room G4 and she'd left her sweater. Could they please let her back in to get it?

The security staff argued that she must have been in a public room G1, which she assured them she wasn't. A guard took her to a staff area but not the right staff area. Someone working in this new area asked where she was going. G4.

"Oh, you mean the GForce Computer Centre? That's on the other side."

Miss Information again clarified that it was the staff meeting room G4. Another staff member took pity on her and led her to the right room but hesitated when they'd arrived.

"There are no lights on. No one's here," she said.

Miss Information pushed past her to get her sweater back, thanked the woman and gratefully left the building. 

It's a good sweater but perhaps not worth the effort. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Miss Information is back from vacation.

Miss Information is back from a couple of weeks away from the library. It was nice. Her first day back she noticed that her tolerance for crying children is completely gone. On the second day, she struggled to get her act together in the teen area where there was less children at least.

Miss Information was still easing into the day when she heard a woman nearby screaming and swearing.

"Stupid fucking bastard!" the woman shouted.

Miss Information glanced over to see a middle aged woman pounding the wall and screaming at...the automated return machine. Miss Information initially decided to ignore it and then she remembered that she was no longer on vacation.

She went over to the woman, who was now kicking the wall, banging the machine and shouting about not getting a receipt.

Miss Information asked if the woman was having trouble with the machine. (It was early. She hadn't finished her coffee yet.)

"I returned some things! And the fucking stupid machine didn't give me a reciept! Fucking bastard!"

Oh, well, then. That is something you should totally have a complete meltdown about. Remember the olden days when you threw stuff in a bookdrop and just hoped for the best? Ah, technology.

Miss Information pointed to the message clearly visible on the machine's display that said right up front that it was currently unable to print receipts. She assured the woman that staff inside the building would be happy to make sure that the items she'd returned were no longer on her account. Amazingly, the woman went away relatively cheerfully. 

Maybe she'd used up all her anger kicking the wall.