Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss Information is too tired for this

Miss Information pulled a muscle at the gym last night and she's in a lot of pain. She hobbled in to work anyway. She has a lot to do. She recently became responsible for inputting data into the French literary awards section of the library's website. This involves transcribing the names and titles of the winners and finalists for a number of awards covering the past several years. The French awards. French is not a language she knows.

Miss Information studied Latin in high school--Caecillius est pater. Metella est mater. Quintus est filius. Etc. This is not a lot of help. Therefore the process is a wee bit slow and a teensy bit frustrating. Really, how many accents does one language need? Stupid ASCII codes.

In summary, her brain is numb and her leg hurts.

She took a break from all the fun to attend to the public. This was not a good time for Mr Vague to make an appearance. Mr Vague wanted a book by the doctor who writes books. Uh-huh? He was on TV last night. Oh, yeah? Miss Information tried to get additional information. The only other snippet of information the man could provide was "not the guy from CNN". So that totally narrowed things down. He didn't remember the show he was watching. He didn't know the subject of the book. Something medical.

Miss Information watched Survivor last night which is no help.

The worst part is that the man got a bit snippy with her. Like she's supposed to know what he was watching on television last night.

The man went away to look for more details. He promised to come back again soon.

Oh, great.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Black history is far more complex than Miss Information had suspected

Miss Information has had a tough week. There is some suspicion that she dissed a much-loved cultural institution in an article she wrote for the library. This has caused no end of trauma. Then she struggled mightily for about 7 hours on a job that should have taken 7 minutes. Stupid technology.

Miss Information really needed a snow day--not that that's happening. In spite of snowpocalypse, the library is open.

The only bright spot this week has been a Black History display in the mall near the library. It has beautifully framed photos of famous and significant Black people. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks are there. Jackie Robinson, Herb Carnegie, Michael Jordan are there. Tupac, Biggie and Bob Marley are there. Justin Bieber is there. Huh? What?

In fairness, it's a market stall rather than an official display, but it does have a big Black History Month sign and Justin is the only Caucasian featured.