Saturday, June 16, 2012

Miss Information is annoyed that people don't listen to her.

Miss Information is placing a hold for a customer.  She wants a copy of Anna Karenina in Russian.  There's a copy that can be transferred from another branch.  Miss Information places a hold which involves scanning in the library card.  She does this successfully.  Then she needs the woman's PIN. 

Lady: A PIN number?  I don't have a PIN number!  Can I make a PIN number now?
The woman seems unnecessarily panicked about this.  Miss Information explains that the library staff probably  used the last four numbers of her phone number when she was getting a library card.  Unless she's changed it since (which seems unlikely), the PIN will be the last four numbers of her phone number.  So, what are the last four numbers of your phone number, lady?
Lady: Try 0145.
Miss Information: Hm, it didn't work, lady.  Are those the last four numbers of your home phone number?
Lady: Yes, yes.
Miss Information switches to the circulation system where she can check the PIN on file.
Miss Information: Hm.  Actually lady, your PIN is 7414 which is the last four numbers of the phone number we have in your record.  Did you change your phone number?
Lady: No, those are the last four numbers of my phone number.
Sometimes Miss Information gets a little tired.