Saturday, November 14, 2015

Miss Information is annoyed away from work

Ok, technically, she's not that far away. She's just down the road on her lunch break. On Saturdays Miss Information usually walks down to Whole Foods and buys a salad but she's done something to her Achilles tendon and although it's better, it isn't quite up to the walk. The library is in more of a business district which means there are more lunch options in the week but the panini place is open, so she goes there. Unlike Miss Information, the customer ordering is not a regular. She needs a lot of explanation and considers her options carefully. She seems disappointed by the choices but it is Saturday and the shop tends to be less fully stocked than the weekdays. 

Miss Information, meanwhile, is delighted at the selection which includes two of her favourite paninis and a new flatbread thing that isn't bad. Still, she gets irritated by the other customer who sighs a lot and finally makes her choice. 

Miss Information orders her panini and pays and then opens her book. The panini cooker thing is slow but that's why Miss Information brought a book. 

The other woman however has a tantrum. "Where's my sandwich? Shouldn't it be done yet? Why isn't it done?" Eventually, her panini is ready and she huffs off to a table in front of the store. 

Miss Information has to wait a couple more minutes and then her lunch is also ready. Yay! 

Leaving the store she walks past the impatient woman who hasn't even unwrapped her sandwich yet. She's just sitting reading a magazine.