Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Information is annoyed by lawlessness

Miss Information is now working in a library in a "nice part of town" and yet, there seems to be a lot of criminal activity happening which is not just limited to the team of purse snatchers that are working the branch. Miss Information hopes they're working together anyway. It's possible there are two completely independent theives on the premises. And talk about blatant! One of the pair was spotted because a woman suddenly noticed her handbag sliding across the floor, something it was not in the habit of doing. Another woman had her bag lifted from the back of a chair she was sitting in.

But this isn't the thing that annoys Miss Information. She's had a couple of encounters recently with patrons who probably hate purse snatchers, but who cheerfully admitted to actively breaking rules and/or laws.

A woman with an adorable little Paris Hilton-esque dog stuffed into her coat came to the desk with a complaint. Miss Information told her that she would be very happy to listen but that dogs were not permitted in the library. The woman announced that she was well aware of that and she was on her way out anyway, but she just needed to say this one thing.

She wanted to complain at length about cell phones in the library. Ooooh, can Miss Information ever relate! However, she pointed out to the woman (and her little dog too) that cell phones were permitted in the library--oh, and that sadly dogs were not. The woman knew...but she wanted Miss Information to do something about those cell phones. Um...ok...Miss Information is already not enforcing the "no dogs in the library" rule which is an actual rule but you want her to enforce a non-existent "no cell phones in the library rule" so that you and your dog can surf the net in peace? Sorry, lady.

Another very nice, slightly off customer also wanted to complain. She really does not like the public transit system. She had been riding a bus that suddenly broke down and she was really annoyed. She pays way too much for her bus tickets for this kind of service. Well, anyway, she would...except she borrows her sister's bus card so she's basically riding for free--not to mention defrauding the city. Nice.

Probably a grey area.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Miss Information gets to be popular at last

Miss Information, it will surprise you to know, was never one of the cool kids in high school. However she recently had an inkling of what it feels like to be popular. It will shock no one that she found the experience profoundly annoying.

Even though her shifts at the new branch are short, they are eventful--last night was anyway. Unlike the previous branch, the customers here are occasionally cranky.

She had just started her shift when a fight broke out…over her. Miss Information was well into a search for customer A when customer B piped up that he had a quick question…and by the way, he should have been next. Miss Information knew he wasn’t next. The other guy had been there longer and she pointed this out to customer B who responded that customer A wasn’t waiting in the proper line and that should have voided his being next on a technicality. Then customer A and customer B began to argue. It was all very silly to fight over someone who hasn't even figured out where the books are yet, but there you go. Both customers announced their intention to wait for the other "outside". Miss Information hopes they were just going to make sure the other one got home safely, but she thinks probably this isn’t what they meant.
They both went away eventually. Outside, maybe? Miss Information didn't investigate. Since she did not have to step over bodies on her way out she assumes that these hotheads got over it without resorting to violence.

Miss Information is loving the new branch.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Miss Information is totally freaked out

Well, after one semester of part time courses at library school, Miss Information decided that it was in the best interests of her brain cells to get it over with as quickly as possible--the ripping the bandaid off approach to higher education--and signed up for a full course load.

Because this did not seem doable alongside full time employment, she also began scouting around for a different job and is happy to announce that she started this week in a part time job at what simply has to be a far more interesting library than the last place.

So far she likes the new job. The staff are nice. They appear to enjoy public service. They were delighted to learn that Miss Information has been trained to use both the timesheets program and the AED machine.

Miss Information is delighted to be here, too. The customers at the previous branch didn't really need her and also, the staff only ever drank flavoured coffee--hazelnut...blegh, shudder. Besides that, the library was way too close to a large number of Chinese bakeries and Miss Information does not have the willpower to avoid those delicious creamy, custardy treats.

Working part time has unfortunately made Miss Information aware of something very disturbing--she has no life. This week, she's mainly been catching up on her sleep and bugging her cat. She needs to find some hobbies. Quickly.

Oh and on her way to work today she noticed that there's a Chinese bakery cart between the library and the subway. She can't believe it. They followed her here.