Saturday, August 15, 2015

Miss Information is annoyed by renovations

The staff area in Miss Information's branch has recently had its washroom upgraded. She hates the changes. Obviously. 

Because the gym change room is inhabited by 6 year olds who DO NOT WANT TO GO SWIMMING, Miss Information often uses that washroom to change from her work clothes into her gym clothes. Her first indication that she and the washroom reno were not going to be friends came when she shook out her yoga pants, accidentally triggered the soap dispenser and had to go to the gym wearing extremely soapy pants. 

So, the soap dispenser is now her mortal enemy but the paper towel dispenser is...what's worse than a mortal enemy--an immortal enemy? She's convinced that it might have the soul of a long dead mime or something. That's how annoying it is. It's handsfree like the soap dispenser. Unfortunately this means Miss Information triggers it by breathing, by moving slightly or by simply existing. It also triggers when she tears off a length of paper towel so the next person ends up with about a metre of towelling. 

Yesterday when she filled the kettle (there's no kitchen in the department so she has to use the washroom), she managed to leave a pile of soap and enough towels to make a tent on the floor. 

So, yeah, she's not adapting to this change very well.