Friday, October 31, 2014

Miss Information is annoyed by civic engagement

A patron wants to know if the library is a voting location for the upcoming election. Miss Information hasn't heard anything and says she doesn't think so. There's a community centre nearby and a big municipal building. These might be used for voting. The mall seems less likely, but is also a possibility. 

Miss Information tries to find out the answer. She checks with her supervisor, she looks online but no one knows. 

She admits defeat and tells the woman that her voter registration card will provide the answer. Has she received it yet? 

"Oh," the woman replies. "I'm not eligible to vote in the election."


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Miss Information is annoyed by risk takers

An upset patron comes to the desk. She wants to tell Miss Information something important. The elevator outside the library that takes people to the parking lot is "jumping". 

"Jumping?" says Miss Information. 

"Jumping and bouncing," confirms the patron. 

The woman heads towards the elevator alcove while Miss Information goes to the security desk to find out what can be done about this situation. The security guard reports that some maintenance is scheduled on the elevator but he thinks it is for later today. 

Miss Information goes outside to speak to the woman. There are a couple of elevators that go to the parking lot in different parts of the building. Maybe she should take one of them?

She goes to the alcove fully expecting to see the patron. Nope. Odd. There is nothing in the alcove but the elevator and the staff entrance to the library but even staff can't use that door during open hours. So, the woman should be here unless...

Miss Information has no evidence to back this up. The woman could have been spirited away by aliens or been sucked into a black hole or something. 

However, based upon her study of library-visiting humans, Miss Information believes that the woman has decided to risk her life and get on an elevator that is bouncing and jumping. 

Miss Information stayed by the elevator listening for a crash and there was nothing but silence. The woman escaped death...this time.