Saturday, June 25, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga doesn't usually annoy Miss Information. Well, she wishes Gaga would wear pants occasionally but whatever. Now, however, Gaga has gone too far.

Miss Information managed to survive long enough for a vacation. She was getting a drive to the airport from her sister. Oh, there were some complications. Miss Information's niece was at a party downtown and would need to be picked up on the way.

Because her sister is a good person, she had used public transit to drop the Duchess of Information at the party at the corner of Big Trendy Boulevard and Artsy Avenue. She called in a panic. All the streets were closed. It was bad. Really bad. Something was happening. But what?

Turns out Lady Gaga would be performing at Trendy and Artsy that evening. She had arrived for a soundcheck. It did kind of cause traffic chaos. Not to mention there were two food festivals and some kind of cultural thing all within a few blocks of the Duchess' party.

Miss Information's sister and the other niece arrived at Miss Information's house. Miss Information asked whether they had actually seen Gaga.

Ms Information was appalled. Why would she want to see her? She's always like naked. She doesn't even wear pants. (Score one for nurture over nature.)

They piled in the car and got as close as possible to the dreaded intersection. Miss Information drove aimlessly around the outskirts of Gaga-ville while her sister ran frantically to get the Duchess.

Eventually they arrived at the airport--about 3 hours early, so really all the panic was pointless and Miss Information remains bitter that there were no Gaga-sightings.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by all the stupidity

Miss Information has mentioned this before but just in case you missed it, she loves her eReader. New titles are readily available from the library. Ok, perhaps there were a few rough moments, but not that many. Actual books are more complicated.

The patron who can't find her hold (obviously) disagrees. "The system is stupid!" she declares after Miss Information shows her how to find the eBooks database. Ummm....ok..."Seriously? I have to go to the library catalogue and then go to a completely different place? Why can't I just use the catalogue? This is so stupid!"

Miss Information explained that she surely can use the catalogue when she wants to download an eBook. The catalogue includes about a billion items. As of right now, only a teensy number (probably around 5000) are eBooks.

The customer goes on. She downloaded an eBook for her iPad, then she found out it wasn't compatible. That's just stupid! Not the library's fault however. Miss Information pointed out the acres of documentation on the stupid database that will help the woman avoid such things in future. The woman huffs. It's stupid not to have all the eBooks in a format compatible with her iPad. And to think she has to actually figure it out for herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

It was stupid. Miss Information refrained from pointing out that the woman isn't actually forced to use any library service she finds stupid. Particularly not the ones that are stupid, stupid, stupid.

Miss Information is on vacation now. Far away from all the stupidity for a couple of weeks.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by cutlery

The big library has 2 staff rooms. One is way upstairs and one is in the basement. Miss Information's desk until very recently was located on the ground floor so neither of the staff rooms were as convenient as a nearby coffee shopl. Even worse, you need a code to get into the basement one and the actual code had never been shared with Miss Information. After a few months in a place, it's embarrassing to admit you have no idea how to get into the staff room.

However, Miss Information's desk has been temporarily relocated to the basement, right across from the staff room. She hung around the door and spied on another staff member, so she now knows the code and has access to all the glories of the staff room. Kettle? Check. Microwave? Check. Window? Bonus!

It's all pretty nice, except for the cutlery situation. Obviously with all her years of library service, Miss Information would not expect there to be teaspoons in the kitchen. She long ago developed a theory that managers have hidden all the teaspoons so staff won't attempt to tunnel out of the building. So she was not expecting teaspoons, although forks would be nice. Honestly. It's a huge library with a big staff. Could there be a second fork, maybe?

Yep. The library has one damn fork. When Miss Information first using the staff room, she was surprised by how many staff members eat with chopsticks but now she realizes it's the only reason they haven't starved to death.

The only reason Miss Information hasn't starved to death is because the kitchen has an ample supply of tablespoons, although when she eats her salad with a tablespoon she feels kind of silly.