Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miss Information is annoyed at work

Miss Information isn't having too bad a time at work this week. She arrived at work for the Tuesday morning shift to discover that the entire department had been reorganized the previous evening and no one working the next day was familiar with the new organization. The patrons were similarly clueless and much screwball comedyesque bumbling occurred.

Miss Information always finds that these situations give her a nice chance to bond with the patrons. When someone comes in to complain that they can't find the DVDs, Large Print, or Non-fiction, she is able to do her best version of Joan of Arc and complain that she "just came back from vacation and has no idea what's been going on!"

So everything was pleasant until Thursday when a woman came in looking for the "new DVDs". It was right after Miss Information had shelved a copy of The Great Gatsby which had been released about a month earlier and still looked pretty fresh to Miss Information. She pointed it out. The patron looked at her like she was an idiot and said, "I meant the new movies," enunciating each word carefully as if she were speaking to a 5 year old. 

Listen lady, this is the drill. DVDs are released. The library gets them. The library puts them on the shelf. People who are nearby take them out within seconds. This happens for about a month or so until everyone has seen whatever movie is big right then and stops caring. Unless you are very, very lucky, you won't get one of the newest releases until you no longer want it. For example, Miss Information was unaware the library even had the Great Gatsby until 5 minutes ago. (Ok, if she'd thought about it, she would have realized. She doesn't care for Leonardo Di Caprio.)

"But where are the new movies?" the woman persisted.
Other people's houses.
"Should I look upstairs? Do they have the new movies?"
Sure. Go look upstairs. 
Miss Information wishes the woman luck but tells her not to get her hopes up. The library is not Netflix and does not have an unlimited supply of these things.