Saturday, March 21, 2015

Miss Information is annoyed by print media

It is the last day of spring break, so you would think that Miss Information would be tired of children by now. You'd be right. But she is much more tired of adults. 
It is Saturday. One of the local newspapers gives the library a stack of free copies to give away. The local seniors have found out about this and Saturday mornings are getting ugly. Miss Information usually arrives at 8:30 and there's already a line. She has no idea when they start coming but by the time the library opens at 9 AM it's out of control. 
The library posts a security guard next to the stack to maintain order but someone always cuts the line and hell breaks loose. Miss Information noticed a 12 year old boy staring in wonderment at the old people shouting and pushing. It's amazing that anyone survives the Saturday morning stampede of seniors. 
Fortunately, the newspapers are gone by 9:03 and then everyone goes home, presumably to do crossword puzzles. Almost everyone goes home. A woman who cut the line and was called out by 10 other seniors and the security guard, stayed behind to protest the injustice. She spent about an hour complaining to the person in charge about the entire thing. Fortunately Miss Information was not involved except as a witness. 
In the afternoon a man asked about the library collection of newspapers. Man 1, as he shall now be known, wanted to look at today's paper. The library has cleverly hidden the newspaper shelving so few people can find it, so Miss Information got up and walked him over. There was someone else (Man 2) looking at the papers and, because it is tucked away in a corner only one person can access the collection at a time. Miss Information pointed it out to the first man and suggested he give the other person a chance to finish browsing. 
"What's he doing?" said Man 1.
Miss Information suggested that Man 2 was picking out a newspaper to read. 
"Well, he's taking too long," said Man 1. "He's in my way!"
At this point Man 2 moved out of the way, apologizing profusely. Miss Information also moved out of the way so she didn't punch someone herself. 
Shouldn't adults be better at waiting their turns?