Saturday, June 25, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga doesn't usually annoy Miss Information. Well, she wishes Gaga would wear pants occasionally but whatever. Now, however, Gaga has gone too far.

Miss Information managed to survive long enough for a vacation. She was getting a drive to the airport from her sister. Oh, there were some complications. Miss Information's niece was at a party downtown and would need to be picked up on the way.

Because her sister is a good person, she had used public transit to drop the Duchess of Information at the party at the corner of Big Trendy Boulevard and Artsy Avenue. She called in a panic. All the streets were closed. It was bad. Really bad. Something was happening. But what?

Turns out Lady Gaga would be performing at Trendy and Artsy that evening. She had arrived for a soundcheck. It did kind of cause traffic chaos. Not to mention there were two food festivals and some kind of cultural thing all within a few blocks of the Duchess' party.

Miss Information's sister and the other niece arrived at Miss Information's house. Miss Information asked whether they had actually seen Gaga.

Ms Information was appalled. Why would she want to see her? She's always like naked. She doesn't even wear pants. (Score one for nurture over nature.)

They piled in the car and got as close as possible to the dreaded intersection. Miss Information drove aimlessly around the outskirts of Gaga-ville while her sister ran frantically to get the Duchess.

Eventually they arrived at the airport--about 3 hours early, so really all the panic was pointless and Miss Information remains bitter that there were no Gaga-sightings.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Diana28 said...

Wasn't that Katey Perry that shut down the traffic?


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