Thursday, July 14, 2005

Miss Information has a thought about labour relations

Miss Information likes to learn new things. This is what she learned today:

If your union is negotiating a new contract, it is best to not have the strike deadline coincide with the end of the lengthy NHL lockout. See, no one will care about the problems of a pesky little library union because people will be playing hockey a couple of months--and this requires endless discussion in the media. Every time a newsreader starts a story with the words "A tentative agreement has been reached..." it gets her hopes up. No, it isn't about your union, girlie, they're still talking about hockey.

She is absolutely thrilled that there will be hockey again. It was a very long winter. But seriously, if the library goes on strike, what will people do? The new Harry Potter book is coming out. People might have to buy it. Where will the nine year olds go to read their e-mail? People might have to go to Internet cafes and actually pay to look at pornography. And what about the children who like to run through the library? They might have to run in a park or something. The whole thing is too tragic for words.

Miss Information has no idea what time she should get up. Should she go to work? Should she get up early and go picket somewhere? Should she forget the whole thing and get her skates sharpened?

What Miss Information thought about in Corpse Pose
She worried about being on strike but mostly she was just kept asking herself what the hell she was doing in a yoga class where the air conditioner was not working. If she wanted Bikram yoga she would do Bikram yoga.


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