Sunday, June 05, 2005

Miss Information is annoyed by stupid people

Miss Information worked yesterday and believe her when she tells you she was treated to a spectacular day-long parade of idiocy. Well, sure, that makes sense. It was a beautiful June Saturday, who besides the terminally stupid, the criminally insane and the library employees (who may fit in to one of those other categories) would set foot in a library?

Most of the problems centred around the electronic Internet booking system. It's honestly not that complicated--tell the little machine who you are, pick a time and make a mental note of the terminal you are assigned--then, at the appointed time you go to the specified terminal, log in and enjoy your online dating, looking a pictures of buses, pornography--whatever. It isn't cold fusion. Stem cells could do it. Not so the Saturday customers who were baffled by every step of the process.

By noon, Miss Information had run out of nice ways to say "computer 42 is the computer with the big '42' on it".

But the most distrurbing moment occured right before closing. Miss Information had gone to "freshen up" in the staff washroom. The door was ajar, but not closed, the light was off. These are two sure signs that the room is not occupied, right? Well, no. It was, in fact, in use--actively in use--if you know what she means. What's more, the person using it was a complete stranger. He said it was an emergency.

Miss Information was sympathetic...well, no she wasn't. She squealed like a little girl--it's very embarassing--but then so did the guy. The thing is, the staff washroom is actually quite difficult to locate. The guy would have had to walk right past a clearly marked public washroom and then navigate his way around the staff corridor...the clearly marked staff corridor.

What a jerk. Even more annoying--he didn't wash his hands. Ick.


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Tiny Little Librarian said...

"Stem cells could do it" - ha! :) I'll have to remember that one when dealing with some of our computer users. Perhaps it will make me smile and prevent me from wanting to kill either them or myself.


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