Friday, March 02, 2007

Miss Information is annoyed by a snow day

Miss Information survived yesterday's first aid class and subsequent snow/ice storm, although her 30 minute trip home took 2 hours.

This morning the weather was clear, but the storm had wiped out power in parts of the city. Miss Information was delighted to learn that the library was affected. Management called to say that the branch was closing for the day and they presented her with several options--by far the most attractive being to stay home and blow away a vacation day. This made management happy also, because they're concerned about the amount of vacation Miss Information has put aside for a rainy day. Perfect.

Miss Information made plans. Good plans. She has an essay to work on, a dull novel to read for class and there's evening yoga but her first priority was shopping. A thirteen year old boy in her life needed a birthday present and this meant Miss Information could go to a big electronics store and touch stuff. Ooooooh. Shiny.

Then of course, coffee and a book. Not a school book, a fun book. That took care of most of the afternoon but it was probably time to head home and work on that essay. Or play computer games. You can't just dive headfirst into those essays, you know.

So imagine her disappointment when she checked her messages and discovered that the library was now open and they wanted her to come in as soon as possible.

Miss Information needs some kind of English/Management translation dictionary because obviously closing for the day means something else in their language.


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Misanthropina said...

Did Management still require Miss Information to lose an entire day's vacation? My guess would be yes.

At least Miss Information's branch closes occasionally. Two years ago (or whenever that was), when we had that massive power outage, Management refused to close. They did thoughtfully provide us with flashlights to help us fill out the reams of power-outage paperwork, though.


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