Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In which Miss Information suddenly becomes invisible, how annoying is that?

It was a very exciting day at the library. A library dignitary came to visit. There aren’t many dignitaries in the library world so this was special. This was a librarian who had left the field to do great and glorious things for the betterment of society. And so she was being honoured by having to visit libraries. By the way, if Miss Information ever does any great and glorious things for the betterment of society, she’d like to be honoured by having to visit bakeries.

So the important former librarian and various other important people from around the system came for a tour and meeting. The tour ended up at the reference desk at some point. There were only two staff members at the desk—Miss Information and the Librarian Responsible for Getting the Teenagers to Come to the Library. (Thanks a lot, buddy!)

Anyway, the head of the tour introduced him to the VIL (very important librarian). She seemed friendly. They chatted. It was pleasant. She looked in Miss Information’s general direction. And the tour moved on.

Miss Information concludes that she must have ceased to exist for a moment there. She hates when that happens.


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, don't you love how the front line staff gets so much respect for our superpower of invisibility...


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