Friday, April 21, 2006

Miss Information's mother always said it's about location

What a fun week! The weather got warmer, so everyone started wearing fewer clothes and displaying their pasty flesh for Miss Information. Eww.

Also, because everyone loves Screaming Child Day so much, the library decided to host a weeklong Screaming Child Festival. A good time was had by no one.

Towards the end of the week a woman came in looking for books on ADHD. There weren't any since the guy from the previous entry had signed them all out. The woman was inconsolable. This wasn't her usual branch but she had "sensed" that the books she needed would be here.

Bummer. Miss Information can totally relate to unreliable psychic visions. For example, on the way to work she often "senses" that this will be the day the normal people come in. The disappointment is heartbreaking.

Well, not to worry. Miss Information could arrange to have some books sent to the woman's local branch. Which would be...?

The woman didn't know. She described a vague geographical area. Miss Information suggested a branch on X Avenue. The woman was pretty sure the library was on Y Street--where there are no libraries.

Fortunately the library homepage has photographs of all the branches. Miss Information cranked it up and showed the picture of the X Avenue branch to the woman. It didn't look familiar to the woman. It didn't look familiar to Miss Information either and she's been to that branch. Admittedly the photograph was mostly of the bike rack and sidewalk in front of the library. Good news though, the website described the library as being "located next door to Carol's Coffee Cabana and Bob's Bagel Emporium". Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner! The woman went away happy.

Hopefully she found her way home.

Sometime later a man came to the desk. He asked for some DVDs. They all had waiting lists, obviously. Miss Information placed the requests. Now, then, did the man want to pick them up here? Or would another branch be better?

The man agreed--yes, indeedy another branch would be much better. (Miss Information often thinks that herself.) And that branch would be...?

The man launched into a long explanation about his busy life and how difficult it was to come to the library. Again, Miss Information can relate. It's hard to come to the library for her also! And she surely appreciates that busy life stuff. She was quite busy herself and if Mr Vague could just let her know what branch to send the stuff to, she could get on with her other work.

Well, there is a library near his job. Cool. And that would be...? Ah, right in the hub of the city where there are many libraries. Well, Miss Information can play Guess the Branch with the best of them. She named a couple of branches. Nope. Eventually the man made his choice.

Whew. Relieved Miss Information assured the man that she would have those DVDs sent to the branch of his choosing. Goodbye, now. Have a nice day.

Hmmm, the man said, don't bother. He changed his mind, he'd just pick them up here.

Oh, good.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Bibliophile said...

I hate the "indecisives" almost as much as I hate ECE students!


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