Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It is Wednesday, after all, and Miss Information is annoyed

Wednesdays are usually bad. This is the day the library offers its very popular Computers for the Clueless workshops. It is a humanitarian effort to bring enlightenment to that group of library patrons who really have no business being anywhere near computers. Miss Information wouldn't even trust them with ink, let alone anything electronic. Still, their eternal bafflement means that there will always be jobs open for Miss Information and her colleagues.

However, the Wednesday workshops mean that a large number of library computers are unavailable for other users. It is worse than usual today, because the high school across the street has decided that it can't bear the presence of oh, 75% of its students, naturally they crossed the road to spend some quality Internet time. So now, there are many people jostling for computer time. Oh, and that automated computer system that kicks people off when their time expires isn't really working. People are kicked off, but then it absolutely refuses to allow the next customer to log on. This has caused endless turmoil.

In the midst of all this, a man was trying to print a .jpeg of a very interesting looking legal document, which Miss Information was just dying to know more about. She was full of questions: is this you? what kind of corruption was it? were you convicted? were you guilty? But she maintained her professionalism and tried to print the document. She couldn't get it to work because of library restrictions on the computer system. The man kept insisting that if she were a "printing expert" she could make it happen. She referred him to the Internet cafe down the street which she assured him is full of "printing experts".

While Miss Information was busy with this, her reference desk colleague disappeared, probably to sort out another computer booking snafu, there was a line-up of desperate people and not one, but two of Miss Information's co-workers wanted her to stop what she was doing and answer their stupid and pointless questions. At about the point where her head was about to explode a serious looking young woman approached the desk.

Miss Information offered to help her--like that was even possible at this stage. The woman asked if Miss Information knew there was a liar in the building. Oh, hm. Miss Information knows about the perverts and the thieves and the unhygienic, so it doesn't surprise her. She replied that she's certain there are many liars who come to the library, and that she tries not to judge the moral flaws of others but she wanted to appear helpful so she asked what the liar had done to upset the woman.

The woman wants to make any appointment with the liar to have her will notarized.

Oh, that liar.


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At 5:32 PM, Blogger Lexi said...

What do you call 100 liars chained to the bottom of the ocean?

I suppose I shouldn't go there.

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