Thursday, March 16, 2006

Miss Information is annoyed by school holidays

It is that joyous time of year when schools close so teachers can go skiing or get therapy or something, and the children get to spend the week hanging around the library amusing and delighting Miss Information with their antics. Oh, those kids!

It has also been the week when just about every library computer system has failed, most importantly the electronic system of scheduling Internet appointments, so Reference Desk staff has had to spend way too much time arbitrating disputes between patrons over who got here first and whose turn it is now. Admittedly some of the customers are 6 year olds so sometimes it is age appropriate.

At any rate, it is now Thursday and Miss Information was drinking bad staff room coffee so her patience was at an end when the kid who annoyed her all day yesterday asked to use the phone like he did several times yesterday.

There is a payphone in the library and if this kid's mother sent him out without a quarter then clearly she doesn't care if he never comes home and Miss Information was just about to tell him to piss off, when he was jumped from behind by a member of his posse or crew or crime syndicate or whatever.

It takes a lot to get Miss Information to throw people out of the library, but she has always identified wrestling as a "non-library" activity. She asked them both to leave. There was much discussion over this. The "victim" protested that he had done nothing except fall over. Which is sort of true, but Miss Information viewed it as a group activity anyway and stuck by her initial decision. The rest of the troops were gathered, words were exchanged. A whole bunch of them left the library, but not before one of them said he didn't realize the library hired nerds.

Oh, that poor misguided child. Miss Information would like to think that her profession is full of happening, far out, funky people with fashionable shoes, but she knows the truth. In fact anyone with eyes and brain cells who has made it all the way to the Reference Desk at the back of the library, should have noticed something slightly, well, nerdy about the staff.

At first terribly offended, Miss Information has decided to reclaim her nerd status and wear it proudly (along with those fashionable shoes, obviously).

She hopes one day to make her mother proud and achieve the noble title of geek.


At 1:38 AM, Blogger One Lowly Page said...

It's too bad punching kids in the gut on the job is frowned upon.

At 11:38 PM, Blogger Storyteller said...

It's the kids at the computer that annoy me. I think we need a large trap door and a lever to pull when the noise and the arguing get to be too much. A shute could be put out to the parking lot where the little darlings would be deposited.
Thank goodness March break is almost over!

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Nike said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with being labeled a nerd. After all the nerds end up ruling the world.
While the 'cool' kids sell cars or go to jail. At least they did in my high school.


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