Saturday, February 18, 2006

Miss Information is annoyed by deep thoughts

Miss Information is still working feverishly on that project with the unreasonable deadline. On Friday, however she hit the wall. You know the wall. It's the one with the big glowing neon sign on it that says "You realize, of course, none of this makes the slightest bit of difference. Books will be purchased. They will circulate. Or not. At any rate, it doesn't matter because in 100 years we'll all be dead whether we buy the right books for the right branch or not." It's a very big wall.

Even though Miss Information has now become cynical about the entire process, she continues to work steadily. It would really upset her to miss this important, yet completely arbitrary deadline so she's been keeping her head down and working away. All of this means that she's been, well, quieter than usual around the library.

It's been great really. Without Miss Information dominating all the conversations with an endless stream of witty banter, others around the workplace have finally had the chance to express their thoughts.

Oh, gosh, has it ever been educational. One thing Miss Information has learned is that there are a lot of really stupid thoughts in the heads of her co-workers. Frankly these thoughts are much better unexpressed.

Someone announced with delight that her child's school has decided to stop teaching calculus entirely. She was really pleased about this. Miss Information thinks that probably schools should at least try to teach math, but she has no children and she hated math so what does she know?

Another staff member asked if Miss Information wanted another cat. It seems this staff member is thinking about getting rid of her cat. Mostly because she is tired of washing it all the time. It makes a big mess in the bathroom and the cat really resents it besides. Oh, dear. Miss Information has always gone for those low maintenance cats. You know, the ones that wash themselves.

There is no hope for these people. The only thing Miss Information can do is finish her project quickly and get back to her usual chatty self. It really is better to not know what the others are thinking.


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