Thursday, February 23, 2006

Miss Information is annoyed by a job action

Miss Information is finished with her stupid pointless project and has been able to concentrate on other things. Like the library union threatening to go on strike again. The union is upset about a change to the pension and Miss Information thinks they have a pretty good point.

However, the publicity they have distributed is badly worded and Miss Information thinks it is no wonder they union isn't getting a lot of support.

The flyers, posters, e-mails all say the same thing:
Stop the Government
Pension Fairness Now!

When she sees this Miss Information always reads it as "Stop the government pension fairness now." Oh, yes, let us put an end to pension fairness forever!

Luckily there has been a last minute deal between the government and the union but Miss Information has no idea whether her the pension plan is now more fair or unfair. Her pension plan is to keep a lot of cash in a shoe box under her bed, just in case.


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