Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Miss Information is annoyed by the courteous

Miss Information is doomed. She is working on a project with a nearly impossible deadline. She is becoming quite perturbed by the amount of time she is spending fielding questions from her co-workers about this. Just about every time someone passes by and sees Miss Information chipping away at her project, he or she feels compelled to stop and ask her how it's going.

Here's how it's going, pal. It's going about as well as it was going an hour ago when you last asked, except now Miss Information is farther behind because she's had to stop working and answer your inane questions.

Also, Miss Information does not wish to engage in small talk today. She would love for you to share all the details of your romantic Valentine's Day dinner sometime when she isn't tearing her hair out over work--you know, later. Let's say much later, if you catch her drift.

Now, look what you've done. You got Miss Information all irritated so she had to use her precious coffee time to vent her frustration on the Internet.

She hopes you're all very proud of yourselves.


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