Saturday, January 28, 2006

Miss Information is mean-spirited about a well-intentioned library promotion

What a total bitch that woman is. Where is her corporate spirit anyway?

Having survived her birthday day off with out too much trauma, Miss Information returned to work this morning all shiny and enthusiastic. No, not really, but she was feeling less cynical than usual. Of course this all came to a crashing halt when the Guy-in-Charge handed her a promotional button. Oh, yeah, this can't be good. The button, which all staff members are encouraged to wear announces the wearers' responsibility for the ongoing enlightenment of the city's population. Oh, no. You are so not going to pin that (so to speak) on Miss Information.

She took the button and wore it proudly all day. First, obviously, she adapted it to assert her responsibility only for the continued reading of Internet fan fiction, instant messages and pornography. All of which are indeed enlightening on some level and which are definitely taking place at the library.

Other than the wearing of the button, Miss Information is uncertain what she is actually supposed to do to make this "enlightenment" occur. There is a website about the campaign that probably explains it all in great detail, and which Miss Information would read--if only the website could be displayed on the library computers. It can't. Something on the site triggers the library filtering software.

Enlightenment is so hard to come by sometimes.