Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Miss Information presides over a touching moment

Today Miss Information was the lucky staff member who got to introduce the able-bodied guy parked in the handicapped space to the less-able-bodied woman who was entitled to park in the handicapped space, but because it was in use by the fully ambulatory guy, had instead parked illegally in the fire lane. They just happened to respond at the exact same time to the announcement.

This sort of meeting just doesn't happen often enough. Unfortunately everyone was amazingly civil. Too civil, in fact. Miss Information was terrified they were going to join hands and sing Kumbiah--which would have resulted in someone's painful death.

Now that Miss Information has discovered the fun and excitement of matchmaking she's going to start randomly pairing off those sad souls who spend hours using the library computers to access Lavalife. Some of them must be compatible. Right?


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