Saturday, July 30, 2005

Miss Information is annoyed by a shoe

There was a crying child, a suspicion of bullying, a recalcitrant shoe and a strange feeling of deja vu.

The security guard who has decided to ignore the suggestion that she stop talking to people told Miss Information that there was a situation outside the library. It seems a young boy (aged about 6 or so) had been trying to climb onto the roof of the library to retrieve his shoe, which had ended up there somehow. The child was distraught. The roof of the building is kind of pointy and Miss Information was present when a roofing guy slipped and fell off a few years back. Thankfully he was tethered and just dangled comically outside the workroom window for a while. (Well, it is funny in retrospect.) So, anyway, no staff member was going to risk life and limb and climb out on the roof to get this kid his shoe back--even if they knew where the roof key was. Miss Information gave the master key to a plumber this week and never got it back. Hopefully the plumber gave it to someone else. She keeps forgetting to look.

Miss Information alerted the librarian in charge and together they went to speak to the sobbing child. After determining that the child himself threw his shoe onto the roof, Miss Information was all ready to steal his other shoe and make him walk home barefoot to learn a lesson but the other librarian (let's just call him Mr Information) is too kind-hearted and decided to make a rescue attempt.

Throngs of bystanders watched as Mr Information, Miss Information, a third staff member (let's just call her Mrs Information), and two security guards fashioned a tool out of a broom and an unbent coathanger which Mr Information used to fish the shoe down from the roof. It was an inspiring moment.

Later Miss Information learned that the shoe had gotten on to the roof purely by accident. It seems the child had been skipping, gamboling, cavorting around the building (at least it wasn't inside the building) and his shoe had flown off during the high kick portion of the choreography.
Yes, Miss Information was skeptical too, but when a staff member (the aforementioned Mrs Information) attempted to demonstrate that this was, in fact, plausible, she winged an entire family of customers with her own shoe. (There were no serious injuries reported.)

Some days Miss Information is happy she went to work.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger Cat. said...

I am crying with laughter.

Thank you (and thank the kid when you see him again...if you see him again).


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