Saturday, August 13, 2005

Miss Information is annoyed by, you know, EVERYTHING

It's Saturday. Miss Information is working. She's tired because her cat woke her up at 4 am for some quality time. Not that she minds the foot licking, but could this not be done when both parties are awake?

Miss Information has come to the conclusion that she (or one of her co-workers) have really upset the Internet gods, as only the noisy, irritating customers are able to log on to the computers successfully today. She has stopped wanting these patrons to leave; she now wants them to DIE. Sooner the better.

Every single person she has dealt with today has been a picture of idiocy and none of them are answering Miss Information's questions choosing to stare blankly at her. Yes, her hair is an amazing gravity-defying sight today, but surely they could concentrate on the matter at hand.

Here is a list of questions she has been unable to get answers to today:
Do you need help?
Did you have a question?
Are you all together?
Are any of you waiting for help?
What computer number have you booked?
What time did you book the computer for?
Are you getting some kind of error message?
Who is signed up for this computer?
Would you like to return that?
What were you doing before the computer shut down?
Are you logged on to a computer now?
Were you logged on to a computer earlier?
Have you used a computer already today?
Did you want something by Salman Rushdie or about him?
How many pages do you want to print?
How would you feel if Miss Information threw a stapler at your head?

A lot of these are yes or no questions. There is no excuse for not being able to at least blink a response.

She has put "become clairvoyant" on her to do list, but she doesn't think it will happen fast enough to prevent the inevitable carnage that will take place in the last hour of work.


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Stuart Thomson said...

Oh Miss I, stress is a terrible thing. Your cat probably senses this and was trying to give you relief in the form of kitty reflexology.

Aww, bless her kitty heart.

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