Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Miss Information hopes you got your things together

Miss Information thinks the full moon gets a bad rap. All the really crazy people spend the full moon hiding under their beds so they aren't a problem then--unlike the new moon, when they come out in droves in a futile effort to recruit new members into their subversive lifestyle.

Last night, Miss Information was forced to become involved in several disputes. The first was between the giggly, noisy high school girls who hang around the stairwell next to the reference desk and the non-giggly, noisy high school boys who hang around the stairwell next to the reference desk. They have so much in common--for one thing both groups irritate the hell out of Miss Information--why all the hostility?

Then a squirmish broke out between the ADHD kid (who so irritates Miss Information's colleague, Scooter) and the twitchy guy who comes to the library to check up on his hockey pool--the staff just refers to him as the "loser in the white hat". It seems ADHD kid was tapping his feet and this was annoying hat guy. Miss Information would have reluctantly sided with hat guy on this dispute if he only he had phrased his complaint differently. "That thing", he announced, pointing at ADHD kid, "Is making too much noise."

Well, whose side could Miss Information possibly take after that? Luckily, as always, she was not in charge and turned over the problem to a librarian.

Then there was the stranger in the staff hall. Miss Information approached him and asked if she could help him. No, he replied. He was just using the washroom. Miss Information explained that he was in a restricted area and that the public washrooms were in a different area, you know, the public area? At this point the man got kind of hostile. He was a professor, apparently. Um. Ok. But still not really on the staff of the library, right? Miss Information repeated that he needed to leave the restricted area as there was confidential material that needed to be kept away from the probing eyes of the public. The man huffed. Of course he understood the importance of confidential materal, he was a professor, after all. Miss Information mentioned that as interesting as all that was, he was still in a restricted area. He then tried to leave via the staff exit. Miss Information showed him the correct door. He finally left.

It would have been so much easier to just add him to the payroll.


At 2:40 AM, Blogger WWDeweyDo? said...

wow... how do you respond to someone calling someone else "thing"?

Furthermore, professors should know better...

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Information:
After along career in a large public library I learned that those random folks wandering around the non-pubic areas may be looking for unsecured purses or back packs to loot. It's likely to be kids, but I'd still suspect an order gentleman.

At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Information:
As I was reading your amusing but true blog at the reference desk, an elderly gentleman stopped in front of me. "Are you reading a dirty joke?" he asked me. What?! "No". "Are you sure?" "Yes. I am sure" Pervert! The only thing that I could smile about is a dirty joke? I hate to see what he is looking at on his Internet terminal right now...;


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