Thursday, August 24, 2006

Miss Information is annoyed by the inflight entertainment

Just to recap--Miss Information is on vacation and doesn't like to sleep on planes. She brings a ton of books, crossword puzzles and her mp3 player to pass the time.

During flight #1, she tries to listen to an Interpol cd on her mp3 player. Well, it was on her mp3 player...along with a lot of other music that apparently no longer exists. It appears the fight for dominance between Miss Information and her electronic equipment is not yet over. Damn. She was so sure she was the alpha dog in the relationship. The player, just to annoy her has deleted/hidden everything from the middle third of the alphabet. There is no longer anything between the Flaming Lips and Pavement.

She's no longer speaking to the cursed thing.

On the second flight, she's assigned to the window seat. Not a problem. She will spend the hours reading. She has a really good book too.

About 45 minutes into the flight, her seat mates lapse into comas. The movie sucks. That's ok. She has that book. Hmmmm...airplane is a bit warm. Miss Information contorts herself (thank goodness for yoga) and manages to remove a layer of clothing. In the process, she drops that book. She contorts herself more and feels around the floor for it. Nope. No book. That book is gone. It's about 1 hour into a 14 hour flight. Sure, she has other books...all safely stored in the overhead bin, which could be on another planet for all the good it does her, trapped beside the sleeping people. She doesn't want to wake them up because they'll be spending a lot of time together and she doesn't want the animosity to start before the plane lands. (The animosity starts on day 2 of the vacation, when her friends mock her early morning yoga practice. Unenlightened bastards.)

She can't face the movie. Airplane music is terrible. Her brain ceased to function at hour 2 of plane ride #1, so crosswords are out of the question and she's only using that mp3 player as a clock until it frees the hostage songs.

She spends time grinding her teeth until her friends wake up and she's able to get that book back.

The remainder of the flight is uneventful.


At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Information: I don't know whether you're allowed to answer questions that arise from your blog, but what is the title and author of that book that went missing ...

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Information, I love you more now that I know you listen to Interpol, Flamings Lips and Pavement. :-)


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