Thursday, August 24, 2006

Miss Information is annoyed by the girls

Miss Information is enjoying her vacation, but of course has had a few annoying moments. For one thing, how much money she spent on incidentals preparing for the trip was insane.

For example: A couple of days prior to leaving town, she had a sudden horrifying thought--underwire bras, that's like wire, right? Wire's like a metal, right? Airports have metal detectors and airport security gets really tense when they go off, correct? Miss Information is suddenly tormented by the thought of being publicly felt up by burly airport security guards. Not that the girls haven't been kind of lonely lately...

Still, she tried to avoid the situation. Since she couldn't figure out which of her bras contained wire and which contained fake wire without actually taking them apart, she decided to go bra shopping and get a bra without any actual wire involved.

Here's what she learned. They no longer exist. Well, there's sports bras, but they do nothing for the girls. (And what's the deal with underwire sports bras?) After looking for awhile she found one that would work. Except it was pink. Miss Information doesn't wear pink, ever. But after searching for a while longer, she sacrificed her principles and became the proud owner of a pink non-underwire bra. And it works. The girls are happy with it. It doesn't set off the alarm. Life is good.

Except, of course, life isn't fair.

One of the airports where Miss Information changed planes there were big burly National Guards doing hand checks of carry on luggage. Not a problem, Miss Information had nothing restricted in her backpack.

That's probably why they pulled her out of line so she could be publicly felt up by a burly National Guardswoman. Really.



At 3:48 AM, Blogger Marvelous said...

HAHAHAH Ok, So I just had a similar experience with this "heavy airport check up" going on. In my treasure-tree bag, I had my VS, $20 hand lotion taken away because "it's the LAW." They took it out of my 17" x 6" treasure-tree bag and threw it out! I was devastated! And just because I booked my flight the very same day, I was "suspicious," so I was also pulled aside by the TSA. Mine was a man, not a hot man. Damn

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