Friday, October 20, 2006

Miss Information does it by the book

Miss Information just came back from her coffee break. The library’s elevator is once again out of order and the discussion over that inevitably led to a bawdy conversation about (please don’t be shocked) sex. A good time was had by most of the people in the staff room; a few were offended, but whatever.

The first patron Miss Information had (no, not like that) upon returning to the desk was an older gentleman requesting a book called Sex and the Seasoned Woman. The library owns 2 copies. The regular print one was signed out, but the large print one was available. Miss Information told the man he should take the large print copy now, because he probably didn’t want to wait. The man chuckled nervously and left with the large print edition.

When she got back to the computer, Miss Information noticed that the subject heading of the book was “Sex Instruction for Older People”. The title should have been a hint.

She meant wait for the book. Honest.


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