Friday, December 23, 2005

Miss Information is feeling the love

Gosh, how Miss Information loves the holiday season--the peace, the tranquility, the brotherhood, the joy, the swearing, the death threats, the fist just makes a person feel all tingly.

Although the library is quiet right this second, it's probably just because the combatants are taking a break between rounds. So far today there have been multiple fights, several expulsions, and a near riot in the foyer. In addition, the police have been by to take statements from a kid whose life was threatened. And the day isn't nearly over. Fortunately Miss Information gets to work the evening shift so she'll probably be giving eyewitness testimony in court really soon.

Isn't Christmas wonderful?


At 11:29 PM, Blogger John Richardson said...

Hi, my name is Mr. Follett the software guy. I always give Miss Librarian fits over Christmas break by upgrading her school library software. This year Miss Librarian was so excited by version 5.01a of Circ Desk that she decided to surprise Mr. Follett by putting his name in a prominent place in the library. Since Mr. Follett's real name is John she put a big declaration up on the bathroom door... "The John". Mr. Follett smiled and realized how much he is appreciated by the librarians!


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