Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miss Information is annoyed by school

People have questioned why Miss Information has kept quiet about school. Surely, they say, she must be annoyed. Well, yeah. But Miss Information's mother always told her to be nice to the people who grade your papers.

However Miss Information got her first paper back. She got a "bravissimo" and even though she made a couple of mistakes, her professor graded on the totality of effort or something and she ended up with more than 100%. Graduate school is weird.

So, now she's feeling smug and wants to share a little story about her first day of school. She arrived at school early to register. The registrar's e-mail said that she had to: 1) register and 2) pay her student council fees and 3) get a locker. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

She got in a line. When it was her turn she said she needed to register. The clerk checked things out and gave her a couple of forms. She took them to a desk to fill them out. She got back into the line to hand them in. At this point she was required to pay her student council fees. Because they're kind of low tech, they asked if she had exact change and gave her an envelope to put it in. "Just write your name on the outside." They said. Um. Ok. She did that, then she got back in the line to hand over the money. When she got to the top of the line the third time, the clerk arranged a locker for her.

So to sum it up, in order to do three (3) itsy-bitsy tasks, Miss Information had to line up three (3) separate times and deal with the same clerk (who was very nice) three (3) separate times.

Well, she told herself, at least that's over for another year. She then went to her first class--all about effective management. She tried not to laugh out loud when they got to the part about how careful planning can improve efficiency.


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