Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miss Information is annoyed by the end times

Miss Information's library is on the brink of closing for a renovation. This was a bad time to take a long vacation. Oh, well. Can't be helped. Vacation is happening in about an hour. Miss Information is pleased to report that her traditional vacation disability is already present--something in her ankle went "sproing" last night while she was running. Oh, well. Can't be helped. Packed the tensor bandage and the ibuprophen.

Prior to the vacation Miss Information worked hard to get her part of the library under control. Trying to get 3 year's worth of work done in 4 days is a Very Bad Idea. It was particularly difficult because game players refused to mute their computers. Hey, wait a sec. That's not a computer, that's a kid! Yep. Let's just call her helium girl because she sounded like she'd been huffing helium from her mom's purse. Mom didn't seem the least bit concerned or irritated by the child's inability to speak without sounding like a cartoon parakeet so Miss Information immediately suspected that the child had a terrible medical affliction. Something had to have been done or removed or adjusted and now this poor kid couldn't speak normally. Miss Information's heart went out to the poor widdle tike....who suddenly forgot she was part of Looney Tunes and actually managed a couple of sentences in a speaking voice that wouldn't shatter glass. But it only lasted an instant before the child reverted to sounding like a soundtrack played at the wrong speed.

Miss Information didn't get a lot of work done because she was busy staring open mouthed at the kid's mother. Had she lost her ability to hear? Why didn't she tell her kid to speak in a normal voice? Miss Information decided the weird affliction a family trait and the mother was afraid to speak because she too sounded like Princess Peach.


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