Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miss Information is annoyed by preparations

Miss Information is not the most organized person, but she tries hard. Especially when she is getting ready to go somewhere. For the last several months she organized, purchased and planned. She organized as she went along, making her backpack the centre of all activity and the holding place for her new suitcase lock (old one cut off by criminals during last trip), slippers, new camera, etc.

The packing process took several weeks. She would do laundry and pack a few things, carefully rolling them up to avoid wrinkled t-shirts. This means the actual departure date there isn't much to do--really just lock the suitcase. And the lock is in the backpack. Except it isn't. Miss Information checked all the secret compartments, unpacking the backpack completely. Not there.

Miss Information assumed that sometime recently she'd had a brilliant idea. She hates her brilliant ideas. They mostly just fuck things up because after she acts upon one of these brilliant ideas she erases all memory of both the brilliant idea and the carrying out of said idea. But obviously that's what happened. She'd been inspired and moved the lock into the suitcase. She checks. The lock is not in any external pocket, which would be logical. Next she tries careful patting, gentle nudging of the suitcase contents. Since this doesn't work either, she frantically dumps everything out. All those carefully rolled and packed garments end up in a pile on the floor. Still nothing.

Miss Information decides that she must dash off to the mall to buy a new lock. She crams everything back into her suitcase--all thoughts of wrinkled clothes abandoned. Then because she's running out of time she starts stuffing her backpack full of her carry-on necessities--which is when she notices that one of her slippers is slightly heavier than usual. At least she doesn't have to go to the mall.

Miss Information decided to give up her efforts to be organized. While drinking coffee halfway around the world she suddenly realized that she had packed her entire supply of DS games, but failed to bring: her birth certificate, her medical insurance card, her health card, and her driver's licence.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger Sarai said...

I, too, have those brilliant ideas. Mine usually involve a lot more time and money than originally believed. I names my blog anotherbrilliantidea because of this habit.

I have been enjoying your blog for some time now. I have copied excerpts from it to send to friends and co-workers. I also work in a library and when our new boss started (I work in Human Resources) I made sure to send him lots of your stories, because he had never worked in a library before. I think he thought I was just being funny, ha ha! He's learned a few things over the past year, but still doesn't always believe stuff we tell him, like our staff member who lives with her brother and mother and each own their own appliances and have to pay one another to wash clothes or cook dinner. Yes, the interesting people are not always on the OUTSIDE.

I have wondered where you are from, and perhaps you mentioned it at one time and I've just forgotten. I have always assumed England or perhaps Australia because of the spelling of certain words.

Anyway, just had to finally pop in and say hello, and the brilliant idea post seemed an opportune time. Thank you for all the great stories through the years!

At 10:51 PM, Blogger dancer said...

I hope, despite the annoyances, that Miss Information enjoys her vacation. Our patrons think that libraries are quiet, peaceful places, but that is often not the case, at least with public libraries!

Sarai, Miss Information is located "somewhere" in Canada, our neighbor to the north:)

At 1:04 PM, Blogger Kimber said...

Enjoy your very well-deserved vacation, MI. I hope your coffee is extra strong.


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