Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It doesn't take long for Miss Information to get annoyed

It was her first day back after a short vacation and Miss Information was really feeling ambivalent about returning to work. As she looked at her closet full of scary-looking t-shirts she had two thoughts. First she thought that maybe she would postpone the annual summer parade of scary-looking t-shirts for one more day and wear a proper blouse. Her second thought was how nice it is to work in a place with no dress code. She decided to wear a lacy, flimsy blouse which required so much adjustment over the course of the day that she spent much of the time wearing a denim jacket just for the sake of decency.

Her shift started at 12:00. Her first homicidal thought came at 12:15. By 12:17 she considered going home. She was wearing her jacket and her car keys were in the pocket. At 12:25 she wanted to lock herself in the washroom and cry, except she seemed to be the only person who actually gave a damn that Clerical X wasn't going to get paid unless they confirmed his hours for a particular shift--within the next 5 minutes. Well, Clerical X probably cared, but he wasn't there. In fact, no one who could verify the hours was present--which is why they have written records of these things. Too bad the written record had vanished. Too bad the employees who could confirm the hours were variously unavailable. Too bad Miss Information was the only one interested in solving the problem.

She paid the guy. He probably deserved it.


At 10:18 AM, Blogger winter said...

If library Human Resources departments download attendance software onto branch staff, surely this frees up some of their time? In which case, why don't we ship some of them out to the branches where they could work for a living? Or failing that, shoot half of them, pour encourager les autres.


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