Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Miss Information spends some time with her family

Miss Information has taken a couple of days off. So today, instead of bonding with the weirdo library patrons who clearly don't have lives and almost certainly don't have jobs that will allow them to support her in her old age, she had some quality time with her adorable, doll-like 4 (and a half) year old niece.

They did the usual stuff. All was going according to plan. Then over a Happy Meal, the sweet little moppet suddenly looked up--her face shiny and angelic and said, "Those 6 year olds think they're so great now, but wait'll they get a load of me!"

Oh, ok. Miss Information can't vouch for the 6 year old population but she herself is terrified.

Miss Information's sister carefully monitors the entertainment of her offspring so most likely the child has never seen any Jack Nicholson movies. In fact there was almost bloodshed when Miss Information allowed the little one to watch 5 minutes of The Simpsons. Yes. It probably was a bad influence.

Did the McDonald's counter person swap the Happy Meal for a Megalomania Meal? Has the child been secretly watching the Saddam Hussein trial for tips on creating your own dictatorship?

At any rate, Miss Information is working overtime to figure out exactly what kind of Christmas present the little maniac wants. Anything to keep the future leader of the world happy.


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