Monday, December 05, 2005

Miss Information gets her tire fixed

(This is actually Part Two of an epic battle between good and evil which begins above. So you're going to want to scroll up and read that first. It just makes more sense logically to put it here.)

The troubled twosome manages to limp back to civilization on 3.5 good tires, but Miss Information decides to get that tire fixed right away. Like before she goes home. She has sworn that she will never return to the place she got her tires(*see October 12 entry), so she goes to her backup service place(*see January 27 entry). She figures that if the tire is defective she can sue those other bastards later, but she just can’t face them after 6 hours on the road.

The back up service centre is almost but not quite as annoying. There are two lines. One for people dropping off their cars and one for people picking up their cars. Neither line moves but if you get into the wrong one, you’re pretty much screwed. Miss Information waits patiently as the group at the front of the line asks thousands of ridiculous questions. (Example: When you get new tires put on your car do they charge extra for taking your old tires off your car?)

Eventually Miss Information gets to the front of the line. Except, now the intake counter guy has disappeared. At this point she is so tired she’s getting all weepy. She really hates to wait. As she’s waiting trying not to cry, a woman gets into line behind her.

“Are you in line?” the woman snarls. Well, duh. Why would a person stand here otherwise? Miss Information snaps something at the woman and sometime before everyone dies, the counter guy returns. He is so personable Miss Information almost forgives the horrible service—but not quite. She is quickly running out of garages she’s willing to take her car to. She tells him she what she wants and she tells him she’s waiting. He tells her how much it will cost and says something about two “boys” working and her car will be fixed as soon as possible. This sounds good. Probably because Miss Information is sleep deprived, she doesn’t comprehend that the two “boys” also have to work on the cars of all those other people she was in line with. She reads her book. She wonders whether she can get her keys back and get a more interesting book out of her car. After about an hour she realizes that her car has not even made it onto a hoist yet. Also, one of those “boys” doesn’t seem to be, well, working. At all. And that book isn’t getting any more interesting. Not only that but she worries that the ice cream in the trunk of her car is melting. Finally she sees her car again. One of the “boys” digs something out of the tire and starts to fix it—very slowly. She is so happy, she smiles at the snarly woman who is also waiting. Mistake. That woman is seriously cranky and proceeds to list all of her complaints. Not the least of these is that they are fixing Miss Information’s car first. It seems she would have been here ahead of Miss Information, but she got stuck in traffic. Sucks to be her. Also it kind of sucks to be stuck in a waiting room with her.

At some point but not soon enough Miss Information’s tire is returned to her car and the car is taken back outside. Since Miss Information is anxious to get away from the snarly woman, she goes straight out and gets in the “picking up your car” line up. The cashier at this desk is doing something complicated with a guy who keeps wandering away to get more car parts all the while talking on a cell phone. Obviously this is going to take awhile. There is no other staff member anywhere in sight. Miss Information waits. A different cranky woman stands behind Miss Information.

“Are you in line?” asks snarly woman #2. Well, duh. Why would a person stand here otherwise?
“Am I supposed to be in this line?” the woman asks.

Miss Information is all happy at the prospect of getting her car back and helpfully explains the two line-up system to the woman. The woman goes into the “dropping off your car line” and complains to all and sundry that Miss Information told her to go to this line but it isn’t moving. Sucks to be her. She fails to realize that Miss Information’s line isn’t moving either.

However, that personable guy resurfaces and he’s calling for Miss Information. He hands her the keys and wishes her well. Then he disappears before she pays him. She does something bold. She goes to his part of the counter and waits for his eventual return--even though this means she is sort of cutting into the “dropping off your car line” and no doubt really pissing off snarly woman #2.

When he does come back he looks at Miss Information and asks why she’s still hanging around. Miss Information expresses an interest in paying for her repaired tire. He suddenly appears horrified. It seems he screwed up the invoice. He tells her to just go away and “forget about it”.

While Miss Information was delighted to not pay for her repaired tire, she thinks the place might provide better service if they charged everyone for their work and used the money to hire a few additional mechanics.


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