Saturday, December 01, 2012

Miss Information is haunted by library school

When Miss Information went back to school a lot of her librarian friends used to warn her that the experience would have long lasting consequences. "Tee, hee," they would say. "I still have nightmares that I haven't finished a cataloguing assignment. Heh, heh, heh!"

Truthfully, Miss Information has had a couple of library school related nightmares before but nothing quite as strange as this.  She blames her friend E. who has decided to become a librarian and god help her, has asked for Miss Information's notes. (Notes! Honestly.)

Anyway, in the dream Miss Information is back at the school taking a course. Why this didn't instantly wake her up in a cold sweat is anyone's guess. Before the lecture starts she is having a conversation about information transmission in baseball with the professor, who bears a striking resemblance to Miss Information's old high school history teacher. (That high school haunts Miss Information is no big surprise.) It is also no surprise that there is a discussion of information transmission. It is a bit of a shock that Miss Information is participating in it. The other shocking part is that during the conversation Miss Information's foot becomes entangled in a cargo net and she must continue talking about information transmission while trying to free herself. After she becomes free she takes a seat next to British actress Juliet Stevenson who praises Miss Information's recent radio critique of Kenneth Branagh. At this point Miss Information accidentally switched on a CD player and flooded the room with some really loud Christmas music.

Miss Information hopes you're prepared for this, E.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Janene said...

Considering that you really didn't participate much in the one class we shared, I can see why this dream would frighten you. :-)


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