Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miss Information tries, but fails to communicate

Miss Information is at the other desk. The one she doesn't visit very often. It's kind of fun because the regulars see someone new and try to get away with murder. Unfortunately Miss Information understands the meaning of simple English signs that say things like "one booking per day" "book only 7 days ahead" so the regulars efforts are wasted on her.

Besides room booking, the desk involves signing people up for computer courses so Miss Information gets to have conversations like this:

Man on Phone: I'm unemployed and I need to learn about computers. 
Miss Information: Well, you know the courses the library offers are very basic. They wouldn't really give you enough information for you to get a job or anything. Also we're full until 2013.
MoP: I want to sign up. 
Miss I: Well, ok. We offer a number of courses--Internet, word processing, Exc..
MoP: Word...whatever. 
Miss I: Right now our Word courses are booked until March. That's a long time to wait. Are you sure you want to sign up?
MoP: I want to sign up.
Miss I: Ok. I'm signing you up for March 5 Word Basics. It starts at 2 pm.
MoP: Do you have Spanish books?
Miss I: Yes, I can transfer you to that department. Just to confirm, you're signed up for a Word course on March 5.
MoP: March 5!?!? Why didn't you say that?!? I can't wait that long! I'm unemployed!

Sometimes it's a mystery why people are unemployed. Other times...


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