Friday, August 03, 2012

It's summer. Shouldn't people be outside?

But they're in the library instead.  Miss Information doesn't understand it because the library seems to be annoying most of them.  At about 11 am a woman came to the information desk.  The woman was not happy.

"I was here when you first opened this morning and then I went to aquafit," she began.

Miss Information is happy the woman is sharing these details of her life.  It makes her feel included.  

"And when I was here, I was so shocked.  There were people sitting around reading the newspaper, eating breakfast, feeding babies! That's awful!"

Miss Information replied that it was ok for people to be doing all of those things in the library.  Food and drink are mostly permitted.  There are exceptions but Miss Information wasn't going into that.

"But feeding babies!  My word!  That's allowed?"  Then she clutched her pearls.  (Not really.)

It may be a radical stance but Miss Information is coming down on the pro-feeding-babies side of this issue.  Yep.  Hungry babies are screamy babies and screamy babies annoy Miss Information.  So, uh-huh.  Please mothers of the world, feed your babies in the library if that will keep them quiet--and alive because that's important too.

Miss Information has no idea if it was a breastfeeding mother who'd so upset the woman because the incident she complaining about took place 2 hours ago.  Unless the baby was a very slow eater, the crisis has passed and no one died.  It's a bit late for Miss Information to spring into action so she just stared at the woman until she went away.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Brian the Librarian said...

She would most likely also be shocked to learn that candy bars no longer cost a nickel.


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