Friday, October 05, 2012

Miss Information is neither here nor there

Miss Information is at work today which is a miracle because yesterday was awful. Nothing worked. It probably would have been easier to cope if she'd realized it was National Vodka Day but she didn't find out until much later.

At one point she was on the desk trying to figure out why she couldn't make a booklist appear on the website just like she does every month when a patron appeared with a question. She wanted to know if Brenda the librarian was around.

Miss Information was delighted. She actually knows who Brenda is. This is something of a miracle. This branch has 6 floors and perhaps 20 separate departments. Each one is like MI-6. Outside of her own department Miss Information knows a handful of people and most of them are referred to as: the guy who might be called Tom, the woman who broke her leg that time, the blonde ponytail and other various nicknames.

But she does know Brenda! She tells the woman that Brenda works on the 2nd floor. If only that had been enough...

Woman: Is she there?
Miss Information: Not sure. Check with the second floor staff.
Woman: But is she there? Maybe she's somewhere else.
Miss I: Possibly. The staff upstairs can direct you, though.
Woman: But what if she isn't there?
Miss I: Well, I can't say for sure but if I wanted to find Brenda this is what I'd do. I would go to the second floor and ask if she's available. She might be there, she might not but hanging around here isn't going to work unless Brenda wanders past at closing time. If you don't go to the second floor none of us will ever know where Brenda is.
Woman: Maybe I'll just go ask at the second floor.
Miss I: Sure. That might work.

After that, Miss Information locked herself out of the workroom where she keeps her bus pass and wondered whether she would ever get home. Fortunately another staff member wandered past with a key and took pity on her.

The day ended on a positive note though. On the bus ride home, Miss Information discovered a dark chocolate Mars bar in her bag that she'd forgotten about.


At 12:28 AM, Blogger looloolooweez said...

Wait wait wait... National Vodka Day? How did I miss this? WHY IS THAT NOT FRONT PAGE NEWS?!

At 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

^ obviously you don't read the right newspaper~


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