Friday, December 23, 2011

Miss Information has a case of the crankies 1

‘Twas the week before Christmas and the library is filled with crying babies and cranky patrons. Meanwhile Miss Information had the world’s most annoying trip to work. She drove and her car needs gas desperately but the city has strategically placed all the gas stations on the other side of the street with “no left turn into the gas station” signs. She finally made it to work, still needing gas, but at least she’ll be on the gas station side of the street when she leaves here.

The library is part of a big complicated complex that includes many places to buy coffee and very little else. For no apparent reason she decided to not go into the main entrance but to use the entrance closer to her favourite coffee shop. The entrance closer to the coffee shop is where the t’ai chi practitioners gather. Miss Information thought it would mess up their chi (or their t’ai) if she went in that entrance, so she moved to the next one--closed due to mall construction. Ok, then. Although she had set out for an entirely different coffee shop, she headed for Starbucks instead because it has both an outdoor entrance and a mall entrance. Except that Starbucks had a giant queue blocking both entrances. Miss Information trudged onward to the next entrance, an entire mall’s length from where she started. Finally she was able to enter the mall where she went to her preferred coffee shop and got the biggest coffee available. Between the coffee shop and the library she realized she had forgotten her key card and had no way to enter the building.

She stood at the gate and looked sad until her boss opened the door for her but the fun didn't stop there...

(continued below in part 2)


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At 11:49 PM, Blogger Mrs.Leapheart said...

This one time I went to a Grateful Dead concert, and purchased some, ahem, fungus. 2 hours later an annoying woman in the crowd began screaming just exactly the same type gibberish as above. I clawed my way to the exit and went to the nearest ER for a shot of Thorazine. The End.


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