Friday, December 23, 2011

Miss Information has a case of the crankies 2

(technically part 2, but it's chronolologically first because then you can just read from the top down)

After Miss Information finally got to work, she had an encounter with Mr. Cranky. Last week library installed a new do-it-yourself check-in machine. It seems to be working ok. Sometimes a patron will get an error message. Mr. Cranky got an error message so it seemed like a good time for him to march over to customer service and tell Miss Information everything he thought was wrong with the library-starting with the stupid check-in machine. Why the library has some nerve wasting all this money buying new equipment that doesn’t work and by the way, the library shouldn’t be doing stupid renovations. It was fiscally irresponsible! He demanded that Miss Information explain why the library was swanning around spending the tax-payers’ dollars on these stupid toys!

Miss Information was feeling a little cranky herself, especially after hearing yesterday that one of the truly decent circ people is losing his position at the branch because the machine has made him (and a couple of players to be named later) obsolete. Miss Information likes the people who work here and although the machine seems nice, it will probably never laugh at her jokes or recommend a good book to her. This was the last damn straw. She was a bit testier than usual as she responded about the wondrous savings the library would see from this awesome plan to replace her friends with more of these dumbass machines. So really, she explained with gritted teeth, the library was on his side with the financial responsibility and all that good stuff. The man didn’t hear a word she said and went away muttering about wastage and promising to alert the authorities.

The rest of the day was pretty annoying too and ended when Miss Information had to pay for her parking in quarters, nickles and dimes because the magnetic strip on her credit card has stopped working and she had no actual cash.


At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Soos said...

Losing your job SUCKS. Been there. Big hugs to your friends.

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh, we are all experiencing the joys of technology at the library. Jobs keep vanishing - machines have huge maintenance budgets....

At 10:06 PM, Anonymous wow gold said...

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