Saturday, November 05, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by affection

So, it's a real bummer that anyone should have to be at work on such a fine Saturday, but Miss Information is trying to make the best of it. She decided to treat herself to one of those delicious, overpriced Greek yogurts from Starbucks during her lunch break. She decided to take a book and just sit, eat, drink and read.

She looked forward to it all morning. Really, it was the only thing that kept her from running screaming from the building. Sample question: I saw a book here a few years ago. It was about Ford. Miss Information: President Ford? Ford cars? Lita Ford? Ford Prefect? Patron: All I remember is Ford.

Anyway, she went to Starbucks. They were out of the yogurt but her spirit was completely crushed yet. She picked a different yogurt, got her coffee, found a table and pulled out her book.

Her table was next to the bar, where a man was sitting alone. Not for long, however. His honey arrived in a couple of minutes. Miss Information is pretty sure she was his girlfriend because she greeted him by sticking her tongue in his ear. There was much cuddling and kissing. After a few minutes the woman came up for air and went to order her drink.

When she returned the couple resumed their normally scheduled smooching. Soon her drink was ready, she returned to the counter (after an impassioned goodbye, obviously) and got her drink. She came back, and they picked up where they left off. Why did she bother getting a drink? Her mouth was already busy enough.

Miss Information found this all terribly distracting. Her book is all about violence and murder and this atmosphere of love isn't putting her in the appropriate mood so she beat a hasty retreat.

Miss Information knows that Starbucks has declared war on the Internet hobos, but she doesn't mind them nearly as much as this.


At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand the feeling, I'm stuck working at my library on this beautiful Saturday also. At least you can go to starbucks, there is nothing near here. Lunch in the break room...depressing.


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