Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by mediocrity

Sometimes Miss Information gets a little sad. This new branch is pretty pleasant and that's a good thing. It's just that all of those skills she's honed in her years of serving the unpleasant are all going to waste. Fortunately on Tuesday there was a screaming guy in the library.

The man had apparently been screaming on another floor and he was being led out the door by the security staff and in charge librarian.

Miss Information's desk is right by the door. She was in the middle of helping someone when the screaming man appeared. At last a chance to use her skills. She turned to the patron and shrugged. Oh, that felt good.

She enjoyed the screaming man incident. It was not just that it livened things up. It was what he was screaming. Oh, sure there was a lot of the usual swearing and accusing. Besides that though, the man was vexed. He had been shh'ed. The nerve. It was unfair, the man believed, because he was "only talking in a mediocre tone" and they shouldn't have told him to be quiet.

See, there are no library rules about mediocre tones. Of course if Miss Information were king of the library, any mediocrity would be banished from the premises. No more mediocre conversations, no more mediocre books, no more mediocre would be sweet.


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