Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miss Information will get you and your little dog, too

Another beautiful summer night. It would be perfect, if only Miss Information were not at work. Even worse, because it's a beautiful summer night, all the senior staff has abandoned ship leaving Miss Information in charge of the department. Still it isn't a bad night. Obviously the racist guy from a few weeks ago comes back. This time he's not so much racist as he is paranoid. A staff member at another branch lied to him about the due date of his magazine and now he had to pay a fine. Well, yeah. If only the library didn't recruit staff at reform schools... Still though, the man has other ways to find out his due dates. Like the ever helpful date due slip. They're awesome. You can keep them and look at them and not have to depend on library staff to know what day it is.

Miss Information made him pay the fine. She probably would have waived it except for those anti-Muslim remarks a few weeks ago. She's unreasonable like that.

Sigh. This is probably what would be known as the "dog days" of summer. Miss Information wouldn't have realized except there's a dog in the library. Good thing she's in charge. She stops the woman and her dog.

Miss Information: You can't bring your dog into the library.
Woman: But I need to pick up a book.
Miss Information, is stunned by this logic and repeats herself: But, but, you can't bring your dog into the library.
Woman: I'm only picking up a book.

Miss Information explains that it doesn't matter what she's here for. She is not permitted to bring a dog into the library. She then makes up something about health code regulations. See the library really should reconsider hiring juvenile delinquents. They lie and lie. Also, it didn't work. The woman (and the dog) would not be moved.

Miss Information decides to be nice. See racist guy, this woman hasn't said anything offensive about another culture, therefore Miss Information is willing to make accommodations. Miss Information tells the woman (and her dog) to go outside. Miss Information will get the book off the pickup shelf, sign it out and bring it to the woman. She repeats that the woman mustn't bring her dog into the library.

When she returns from the shelf she finds the woman (and the dog) still inside the library--now arguing with the security guard. The security guard is saying stuff like "You can't bring your dog into the library"; the woman replies that Miss Information told her to wait here. Nice. Miss Information wonders whether the woman attended the same reform school as her. Recognizing a hopeless case, Miss Information handed the woman her books and waved good-bye.

The next day she mentioned the incident to her supervisor who reported that the lady with the dog come in all the time no matter how many times the staff explain the rules.


At 10:02 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

We had ongoing conversations with a large young man who brought a tiny "tea cup" dog of some sort into the library repeatedly. Often, it was tucked inside the man's jacket. Repeatedly, he told us he was training it as a service dog. Repeatedly, we declined to believe that.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Anne said...

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At 2:29 PM, Blogger Anne said...

I can't use grammar today.

We had a lady try to pass a squirrel off as a service animal. It was a baby squirrel that she found in her back yard. It was crawling all over her and in her hair. Isn't the public interesting?


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