Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miss Information is annoyed by a suggestion

"Hmph," says the woman. "You should get a cup of coffee."

Now obviously this is a suggestion Miss Information wishes would be made more often. She should get many cups of coffee. However this woman was not suggesting a date or something friendly like that. She meant to imply that Miss Information in her decaffeinated state is basically useless. You probably figured that out from the "hmph".

What led to this charming exchange you may ask? The woman had come into the library to pick up a hold. In Miss Information's library system you have a certain number of days to pick up holds after they arrive. The woman had called previously to get an extension but "someone must have screwed up because my hold isn't there".

Miss Information looked up the woman's record. "Oh, see the problem is that the hold is actually not at this branch. It's at the Pippa Middleton branch across town." The woman acknowledges that she sometimes uses Pippa also.

Even though Miss Information doesn't like the woman's attitude she decides to put her feelings aside. She asks the woman whether she will be able to get to Pippa today or if she'll need a further extension. See, because Miss Information was going to arrange another extension for the woman, even though she's a bit snippy and blamed the library staff for her own mistake.

"Well," the woman snarls. "I'm supposed to have until Saturday to pick it up. They told me Saturday!"

Miss Information tries to channel Hugh Grant's charming bumbler character. "Oh, look at that," she says. "It does say Saturday." She explains the problem is that she has no idea what day it is. Hah, hah. Isn't she just so adorable?

It was at this point the woman made the coffee suggestion. See lady, Miss Information was a tiny bit confused about the date but at least she came to the right library today. Who needs coffee?

For the record, the hold the woman was trying to pick up was the DVD of Don't Mess with the Zohan. Miss Information knows that it's unprofessional to make fun of a patron's selections, but really? If she watched better movies she might be less cranky.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Jessica said...

"What a sweet and considerate thing to offer to do for me! I prefer cafe au lait from the shop down the street. If only more people would do such nice things for those who help them out!" <-- What you should have said back. Hey, she offered the coffee idea and being heartily nice while she's being rude would probably take her aback a bit. ;) (And then maybe she would feel badly about it and bring you a free coffee. Or not.)

At 2:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you want a coffee brought to you by this...person? But, at least she didn't want something with Jimmy Fallon in it.


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